Corey Tate

Digital Marketing Apprentice

Corey has been with Vision for almost a year and a half. He successfully completed a Level 3 Digital Marketing apprenticeship with Baltic Training and is now employed with Vision full-time.

Tell me about yourself and your role at Vision?

I’m a huge Liam Gallagher and Blackburn Rovers fan! My role as a Digital Marketing Apprentice is to provide assistance in the development of the company websites, I also help to manage the company social media channels, undertake competitor analysis and come up with ideas to help us make more revenue.

What made you want to join Vision as an apprentice?

As soon as I had done my research into the company, I was sold at the fact that Vision works with so many big names across many sectors. The opportunity to work for a growing, local business was too hard to pass by.

What have you learned since being at Vision?

I’ve learned many things such as the principles of coding languages, how coding is vital for the function of a website, how big a role social media plays in the success of a business and I’ve learned more about the importance of a well thought-out marketing campaign. Along the way, I’ve also developed some knowledge about textiles!

How do you think apprenticeships help those looking for a career?

I believe apprenticeships are a great stepping stone for those looking for a career in any industry. It’s great to get that valuable first-hand experience and actually do the job in the real world – all the while, still learning about the job through the course given by the training provider.

Apprenticeships give you the experience and knowledge on working life, prior to actually becoming a full-time employee.

How has being an apprentice at Vision helped you to understand your career goals?

Being an apprentice has really developed my interest in marketing. I’ve enjoyed my apprenticeship so much that I now know marketing is the career I want to go into. I have enjoyed my time at Vision immensely, where I’m made to feel as a valuable member of the team.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship for someone who is undecided? If so, why?

Definitely! I’ve enjoyed the whole structure of the apprenticeship. Rather than just taking a course, day-in-day-out, and not getting any practical work experience or a feel for working life, an apprenticeship helps you with real, first-hand experience of office life and it’s going to be hugely beneficial.

The courses are also very helpful as they teach you everything you need to know about the job role in preparation for your exams.