Joanna Silwa

Customer Service Apprentice

Joanna works in Vision’s Head Office as a Customer Service Apprentice. She helps process orders, amend orders and a range of other tasks.

What made you want to join Vision as an apprentice?

I previously worked in a customer service role in Poland for a year which I thoroughly enjoyed. When I moved to England five years ago, I began a new customer serviced based role, before beginning my apprenticeship with Vision.

I was lucky enough to know someone who worked at Vision, who advised me that the company offers apprenticeships. I applied, and was lucky enough to get it! I enjoy dealing and helping people with their queries and questions.

Describe your usual routine at Vision. What are your everyday tasks?

My everyday tasks include checking the work book to check which orders are on credit release, I check if there is enough stock for the orders to be processed and I amend orders according to account manager requests.

As part of my apprenticeship, I also cover the reception desk and have learned the switchboard functions which is great as it gives me the chance to do different duties.

What do you enjoy about being at Vision?

I enjoy the working atmosphere and I’ve found it very satisfying to be part of a team working towards one goal.

What have you learnt since being at Vision?

I’ve learnt so much since being at Vision. I’ve learnt how to process different types of orders, I’ve got to know the products that we supply and the unique aspects of each one as well as the specifications of each.

Most importantly, I’ve improved on my communication skills; being able to communicate in a formal way in a business setting and have learnt how to work well as part of a team.

How do you think apprenticeships can help those looking for a career?

Apprenticeships offer a varied learning experience and it’s a real chance to put the skills you’ve acquired into practice. It has helped me to gain more confidence in a real-life setting.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship for someone who is undecided? If so, why?

I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship as it’s a great opportunity to get your foot in the door and gain some first-hand knowledge. It’s great for those who are lacking experience to start their professional career in their desired direction.