Replica Titanic Linen Set

Working with renowned author and historian, Tom McCluskie MBE, Vision have recreated a set of table linen; a replica of that which would have been used on the fleet of Oceanic Steam Navigation Company vessels, including the RMS Titanic.

As Vision celebrated luxury product brand, Liddell’s 150th anniversary, last year, the team wanted to pay homage to the rich history of the brand and so embarked upon a research project which saw them revisit the birthplace of Liddell; Ireland.

The story began with William Liddell who set up his first factory in 1866 in Donaghcloney, Ireland. Founded on the banks of the River Lagan, the company began the largest Irish linen jacquard weaving company in the whole country and quickly rose through the ranks to become favoured by many.

Titanic Table Setting

One such name was the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company, owners of the White Star Line, and therefore the Titanic. As preferred suppliers to the OSNC, William Ewart (who later merged with William Liddell & Co) provided the bed, bath and table linen to the entire range of liners with a contract amounting to £250,000 in today’s money and one that would have been repeated throughout the year.

Championing three product brands – Hilden, Liddell and Whitakers – Vision are extremely proud of the brands’ esteemed history and rich heritage and so are delighted to release the replica Titanic linen collection through the new online Vision shop.

Reproduced using the finest Irish linen in an attempt to recreate, as closely as possible, the first class linen which would have been seen on the RMS Titanic’s dinner tables, the OSNC logo is also emblazoned across the collection as it would have been during that time.

Tom McCluskie said:

“A common misconception is that White Star Line were the owners of the RMS Titanic which is not the case and I was particularly delighted when the modern day incarnation of the original company were determined to reproduce the original pattern linen as supplied to the ship.

According the OSNC logo and ornamental decoration was embossed into the material to recreate exactly the First Class napery. This strict attention to authentic and historical detail presents the purchaser with a window into time of a bygone age of elegance and luxury.”

Upon making the commemorative Titanic linen, Vision sent Tom McCluskie a sample of the items. He said:

“I must say in a word “stunning”  The quality and workmanship is a credit to Ewart Liddell and it actually feels like one is holding a piece of history in ones hands.

Uniquely you have recreated the accurate OSNC table linen or to put it more succinctly you have recreated history to a degree of accuracy unsurpassed to the present day.”

A stunning piece of memorabilia, this limited edition collection is now available to purchase through the online Vision shop which can be accessed here. Collect a piece of history and order your replica Titanic linen today.

Find out more about the illustrious history of Liddell by reading our Liddell History Book or by watching the video below, which sums up the 150-year history of the brand.

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