Liddell have partnershiped with Jashanmal

Liddell are excited to be welcoming a partnership between them and Jashanmal stores throughout the Middle East. Part of the Liddell stand at The Hotel Show Dubai showcased the luxury products and in store marketing materials which are to be launched throughout stores in the near future.

Whilst attending the The Hotel Show Dubai Keith Rowlands, Managing Director of Vision Assurance, ran store training for Jashanmal staff at The Dubai Mall. This training was to give staff more knowledge on each of the products the stores will be selling. As well as in depth product information, Keith also gave staff an insight into the heritage of the company Liddell. He talked staff through the in store marketing materials which are to be placed throughout Jashanmal stores when the products are launched.

Keith is due to complete further training at the Jashanmal store in the Mall of the Emirates, Dubai on 21st October 2014. Liddell and Vision see this as a great partnership and opportunity for the company.