Linen Items Donated to Help People in Need this Christmas

clean conscience linen donated people in need

A number of linen items have been donated to CleanConscience by Vision Support Services and PPHE Hotel Group in order to be distributed to people in need this Christmas.

A total of 26 pallets of linen, from bedding to towels, have been donated to the charity which works alongside hotels and toiletry manufacturers to ensure that the maximum amount of partially used hotel soap, toiletries and other items are recovered, re-purposed and redistributed for the benefit of those most in need of hygiene.

CleanConscience charges a fee to hotels in order to sign up as part of their hotel partner programme. This ensures that the amount of waste sent to landfill is significantly reduced. Working with hotel housekeeping teams, CleanConscience collect partly used bars of soap, toiletries and other recovered items which are then repackaged and repurposed and donated to local initiatives in and around the south of England.

Some of the charities who will benefit from Vision and PPHE’s recovered linen include domestic violence charities, community groups aimed at helping the elderly, homeless and charities who donate to families in extreme poverty.

Though the majority of the linen items is being donated to charities in the UK, around 25% will be going over to The Kori Women’s Development Project in Sierra Leone. This linen will then be used in maternity clinics, several children’s homes and some will be used in a sewing school where the women and children of Taiama (a district in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone) will be taught to make clothes for themselves, their families and to sell in order to support themselves.

Managing Director of Vision, Laurie Thomas, said: “As a company, we’re committed to doing what we can for the vulnerable members of our society. We have recently donated children’s toys as part of a Christmas appeal for families on the breadline, we’ve donated food to the local foodbank and, when we were presented with an opportunity to help others across the UK and the world, we were certain we could help.”

“We’re proud to support these fantastic organisations aimed at helping people during a time which, for some, is a very difficult time of year and we’re delighted to support CleanConscience in their efforts in ensuring that no member of our global community is forgotten.”