Science of Sleep - UKHA Shared Knowledge Day 2017

Proud to be a leading supplier and distributor of specialist, performance and luxury textiles to the leaders in healthcare, hospitality, and retail markets, Vision Support Services’ resident sleep expert, Richard Jolie, is set to hold a workshop on the science of sleep on 17th March.

Speaking at the annual UK Housekeepers Association Shared Knowledge Day at the Park Plaza in London, the event will include 45 trade stands, two fashion shows, five workshop presentations and two main speakers and is available for all full-time Housekeepers and General Manager’s to attend.

The workshop is designed to answer the fundamental questions surrounding what sleep is, why people need sleep, the effects of sleep debt and, finally, tips and tricks that hoteliers can adopt in order to ensure that their guests have a great night’s sleep.

Studies suggest that thousands of Briton’s are struggling to get off to sleep each night and figures released by The Sleep Council show that nearly half the population are getting six or fewer hours of sleep a night.

Sleep deprivation, or ‘sleep debt’ has been found to have a number of long-term health effects associated with it including increased risk of obesity, diabetes and even cancer.

The workshop aims to educate those working in the hospitality industry about what changes can be made to the establishment, the pillows, the bed and even the menu choices in order to ensure that guests do experience a home away from home during their stay.

Richard said: “Having worked closely with a wide range of hospitality establishments for the last 12 years, the workshop aims to provide some valuable advice that hoteliers and housekeepers can take away and implement in their own establishments.

Through good customer service and tailoring the hotel stay to the individual, hoteliers not only get the chance to impress but they are also able to leave a lasting impression.”

The workshop, which will run twice on Shared Knowledge Day, at both 1pm and 3pm, takes place alongside National Bed Month; a month-long initiative created by The Sleep Council to further educate those on the importance of a good sleep  and how simple lifestyle changes can ensure a person is healthier, happier and may even live longer.

Visit the UKHA website for more information, or to read more hints and tips from Vision, please click here.