Inside Vision: Staff Stories – Bonnie May

bonnie may

Here at Vision Support Services, we take our responsibilities to our staff, our customers, and most importantly, our planet very seriously.

Not only do we actively recycle linen where possible to local and national charities but we also work with suppliers who make proactive efforts to use renewable energy sources such as those generated by wind. For example, one such supplier generates 70% of their energy from wind turbines.

These are the values that underpin our organisation which we communicate to potential customers and suppliers across the globe.

It’s these values that we live and breathe every day, across all parts of the business, which is why it’s fantastic to see our European Sales Manager, Bonnie May, making the most of her time in Lisbon – by travelling around the city on an electric scooter!

Bonnie is currently attending client meetings across the city and, rather than using buses or taxis, she has decided opt for a greener and more fun way to explore her surroundings, all whilst doing her individual bit for the environment.

The scooters have been introduced to Lisbon and other major cities across the world by Uber in an effort to make big cities a cleaner place to live and work. Plus, they have electric motors so users won’t break out in too much of a sweat – particularly when travelling uphill!

The app also calculates the number of miles you’ve gone, which is perfect for keeping track of your distance and we’re hugely impressed that Bonnie has already clocked up quite a distance!

Bonnie’s story is the first in a series of our ‘Inside Vision: Staff Stories’ blogs in which we’ll introduce various members of the Vision family and take a little glimpse into what they do individually, whether at home or work, to be more ecologically aware. Stay tuned for more coming soon…