It’s now 2017 and our very own Vision Victor Bear celebrated the New Year in style. While he did his Christmas shopping at the last minute (we did tell him the busy British high streets at Christmas were no place for a little bear!) but, thankfully, he did remember to stock up on food and drink to have himself a little New Year’s Party. Unfortunately, Paddington Bear and Winnie the Pooh couldn’t attend, but plenty of other bear friends did. Ultimately, we can definitely forgive him for being late on his shopping, as he’s been so busy travelling from place to place that he’s not really had the time.

Unique and creative photos of Victor travelling around the UK and abroad have been coming in regularly. He’s travelled the length and breadth of the UK; from mountains in Scotland to making friends with penguins in Torquay. Outside the UK, he’s been as far as China and Chile, so we can definitely say he’s a well-travelled bear! We’ve really enjoyed seeing all the effort that people have gone to with Victor and they’ve come in from a wide range of sources. Staff in hotels, B&B’s, guest houses, self-catering and holiday lets have photographed Victor joining in on daily activities, while care homes, nursing homes, social housing establishments and commercial laundries have also been taking part in the fun.

As we’re now in a new year, we’ve decided to collect together some of our favourite Vision Victor teddy bear photos that we’ve received so far. But certainly keep the photos coming in, as we’ll feature them across all our social channels and place them on a map that can be found on our ‘Where’s Victor?’ page.
The photos come from both competition entries from outside Vision, and photos taken by Vision staff (who aren’t eligible to win but are doing it just for fun!).

Victor Teddy Bear in Patagonia, Chile

First up is our chairman Dan Wright, who sent us this amazing photo of Victor being literally blown away by the mountain scenery of Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, Chile. Even though Victor is only a small bear, he certainly has hiking skills, as also demonstrated by our next photograph…

Victor Bear on Mount Snowdon

Here’s Victor halfway up Mount Snowdon, which he would summit a couple of hours later – an incredible feat for his tiny feet! The climb was made with marketing team member Michael and his sister Nicola, who were climbing for charity in aid of a child called Bobby. Bobby has a complex heart condition and is regularly in hospital. Over £500 was raised for this great cause.

Victor on Jumeriah Beach, Dubai

Going further afield than Wales, Victor took a trip to Dubai. Here’s a photograph of our loveable bear watching the kite surfers on Jumeriah Beach. Victor nearly joined in, but he was afraid that he’d accidentally go shooting off into space.


Next up on Victor’s traveller’s checklist was Paris, where Victor posed in front of the famous Arc De Triomphe. Snails were on the menu after that, although he can’t say that this was his favourite delicacy of all time.

Victor Bear riding polar bear at Hilton Leeds

Back in the UK, Victor was riding a polar bear at Hilton Leeds…

Victor hostage at Housekeeping Today

…before being captured by superheroes Spiderman and Captain America with all-around bad guy Green Goblin at the offices at Housekeeping Today. We’re not entirely sure why those three were working together, but Victor managed to escape anyway.

Victor Bear in Christmas tree at Southcrest Manor Hotel

Victor cloned himself in this photograph, appearing three times in the Christmas tree at Southcrest Manor Hotel. Then again, he managed to do the same in our Mannequin Challenge video!

Victor Bear at Nutfield Priory Hotel and Spa

Not content with the many hotels he’d already visited, Victor also spent the day enjoying life at the Nutfield Priory Hotel & Spa in Redhill, Surrey.

Victor Bear at Valencia CF football stadium

Victor is also a sports fan, and he managed to catch a game of football at Valencia CF’s stadium.

Victor Bear on Broadway, New York City

Broadway in New York City was the next stop! Unfortunately, there was nothing available for a teddy bear on stage.

Teddy bear wedding

After all his travelling, Victor finally settled down and met a friendly bear called Victoria. It wasn’t long before the wedding bells were ringing!

Don’t worry if you’ve yet to get your own bear, as submissions are open until midnight on Tuesday 31st January. Remember that there’s £500 up for grabs to spend on a dinner of your choice to enjoy with your team Claim your own bear and read the full instructions on what you should do with our Victor on the Vision Victor Bear page.

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