Vision Assurance helped train staff at John Lewis

Vision Assurance recently attended a John Lewis Sleep Well Live Better master class to help with the training of staff. The training session ran over two days and invited 60 John Lewis partners on day one and around 50 partners on day two. These included: partners and selling coaches in the beds and bedroom section; linens partners and partners across the Home assortment who want to improve their understanding of all bedroom related products.

Ran by John Lewis, the event surrounded the idea to make the shopping experience more streamlined for customers by placing the beds, mattresses and bed linen in one area of the store – providing a ‘one stop shop sleep experience.’ The main point of the training was to share knowledge between suppliers and staff; ensuring staff are multifunctional in their approach.

Another major focal point for the event was to provide an understanding of the science behind a good night’s sleep, as well as the positive impact of sleep on a person’s wellbeing. Industry expert Dr Neil from the Sleep Council was present at the event to give a presentation and answer any questions on this.

Vision Assurance launched their new Micro-Fresh product

Vision Assurance was also happy to launch their new Micro-Fresh products at this event, the first time they have been showcased. John Lewis is to be the sole retail supplier to have Micro-Fresh in their bedding range. It further broadens the Vision group’s product portfolio, with the possibility of Micro-Fresh products being used throughout the other brands.

Vision Assurance look forward to working on a full training programme, to be rolled out next year, with John Lewis.