Liddell 150th

Global leader in textiles, Vision Support Services, have been championing their leading luxury linen brand, Liddell, as they celebrate its 150th year, this year.

Vision is headed up by North-West entrepreneur Dan Wright, who created the Vision Group in 2005 to bring together heritage rich, world-renowned textiles brands dating back to the 19th century.

The Liddell brand was founded in 1866 by William Liddell; whose Donaghcloney factory went on to become the largest Irish linen jacquard weaving factory in Ireland at that time. Working from the factory on the banks of the River Lagan, the RMS Titanic was manufactured in the dockyard at Belfast only a stones throw away from the plant and the Liddell name, then known as William Liddell & Company went on to become the preferred linen supplier to the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company – owners of the White Star Line and the Titanic, Olympic and Britannic.

The prestigious brand has also been seen in some of the world’s prestigious hospitality establishment including The Ritz, Savoy and Dorchester Hotel as well as the seven-star Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

To celebrate this amazing feat and to champion the brand’s rich heritage and notable history, Vision have hosted a number of events dedicated to the 150th year of Liddell.

At the beginning of the year, a huge research project was undertaken which saw some of the marketing team head over to Ireland and the national archives to delve deep into the history of the brand. This was later added to a history book, entitled Liddell – 150 Years in the Making.

Shortly after, a limited edition set of Titanic replica table linen was created using near-identical fabrics and designs – even emblazoned with the White Star Line logo and finally, only last month a birthday party with a difference; a trip aboard the Belmond British Pullman around the Kent countryside finished off celebrations with fine dining and even a trip to the Grosvenor afterwards for an exclusive cocktail designed specifically for Liddell – ‘Quiet Luxury’.

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