Vision Linens Announces Partnership with Hokodo

New partnership with B2B payment provider Hokodo, provides Vision Linens online business customers instant access to credit online.

Vision Linens, leading textile supplier and distributer, today announced a new partnership with online B2B payment provider Hokodo. This partnership will allow new and existing business customers to purchase linens online, but with the ability to now access payment terms instantly.

This new partnership will allow our business customers to access enhanced payment terms and delay the cost of purchases across 30 days (end of month), completely free of interest or additional fees. There are no applications to submit – B2B customers can simply fill their baskets and select Hokodo’s payment option at checkout.

For B2B buyers, the benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Deferring payment of business purchases for up to 30 days (end of month).
  • Saying goodbye to tedious and time-consuming paper applications.
  • Instant access to Hokodo’s payment solution.

“We are delighted to join up with Hokodo, which will enable many of our B2B customers to purchase directly through our website,, while benefiting from additional payment terms, interest free, through a frictionless checkout experience.” says Laurie Thomas, MD at Vision Linens.

Richard Thornton, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Hokodo, commented, “Our partnership with Vision will help B2B customers gain access to the payment methods they desire. Gone are the days of tedious and lengthy application forms – buyers can now choose to pay in 30 days, interest free, even on their first purchase.”