Vision Linens Innovate With 3D Product Visualisation

Vision Linens is bringing interactive product visualisation to the hospitality textile market. The interactive product experience gives customers the chance to experience, see and understand the products on a digital platform, prior to ordering them.

In comparison to receiving traditional physical samples, Vision is providing its customers with enriched content. The experience gives consumers the power to fully interact with products to discover each and every detail, rotate the product to view every angle, switch colours where colour options are available and learn about the special features and advantages.

Where sometimes an online shopping experience can feel removed from the everyday world, the 3D product visualisation brings consumers closer to the products. This gives customers a sense of confidence as they explore and learn about the product on a deeper level. Ultimately, the consumer is passed full control of the process and gains access to the product in a new way.

On beginning their 3D product visualisation project with Azure AR, Vision initially trailed the concept on a sample of bath robes and scrubs, items they thought would benefit most from being brought to life in a 3D digital format. This minimises the distraction of having to use a model and places all the focus on the product and the viewer can even visualise the interior material. This is important for products that have different materials for their outer and inner, such as bath robes.

To experience Vision’s 3D product visualisation for yourself, visit where the following products are available to view:

  • VV420 Velour Robe
  • VV380 Velour Robe
  • V400 Terry Robe
  • V400 Velour Robe
  • Vision Scrubs Top and Bottom

Furthermore, Vision have developed AR (augmented reality), whereby their digital bath robes and AR try-on feature can be used. Using a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet, the bathrobes can be placed on the consumers, giving them a sense of fit and style. For now, this function will be reserved for customer visits, but Vision hope to investigate this function further, as there is no doubt that this will improve the digital shopping experience, like never before.

Fraser Donaldson, Group Hospitality Sales and Marketing Director commented, “We’re delighted to be able deliver this innovation to our customers which offers both them and us, so many advantages. We’re keen to move with this digital age and to continually enhance our customers’ journey in every aspect. Currently, we have five individual products which have been captured and can be viewed and we look forward to receiving feedback on these. Our next steps will look to expand 3D product visualisations across more of our products.”