Vision Team Go All Out Green

Vision Team Go All Out Green

Vision Linens, has yet again, set another challenge for its hospitality team. With looking to better times ahead and focusing on self-improvement, the eco-warrior challenge was created. Essentially, this looked to engage the team in a time where the majority remain to be working remotely, while getting behind the ethics of Vision’s sustainable textile brand, ecopure.

Over a four week period, the team was asked to submit how they would go about reducing their energy consumption at home, thereby reducing their carbon footprint. The winner, awarded the eco-champion crown, would also have their home energy bill paid for the following month as an incentive.

With a few close contenders, Bonnie May, Sales Manager for Northern Europe, was titled the ultimate eco warrior with an impressive list of activities, demonstrating her dedication to reducing her carbon footprint.

These included:

  • Changing all lightbulbs around the house to LED
  • Installing a SMART thermostat
  • Deciding against the purchase of a tumble dryer
  • Reusing shopping bags and reusable fabric bags for loose fruit and vegetables
  • Buying produce from local farmers and zero waste shops, helping to minimise the use of single use plastic
  • Growing sprouts (Bonnie’s favourite veg!) at home in a glass bottle
  • Switching from one litre bottles of sparkling water to a soda stream, requiring no plastic bottles

A commendable list, and congratulations to Bonnie who is continuing to look at ways to further reduce her energy usage, partnering closely with the brand essence of ecopure:

To bring forward a true ecological textile offering through a process of innovation and to continue pushing boundaries. Where technology advances to provide a more effective and cleaner footprint, Vision is determined to implement these innovations into the ecopure product range.

If you’re inspired by Bonnie’s efforts and want to make a small change to make a big difference, find out more about our ecopure linen products. It offers a range of Recycled, Organic, Natural and Energy Efficient products to create a complete and eco-friendly guest room. Simply visit or contact the team at Vision.