Vision with group brands

Important information for customers of Hilden, Liddell and Whitaker Services:  Hilden, Liddell and Whitakers are now fully integrated into Vision Support Services Ltd. From now on, the Hilden, Liddell and Whitakers names will become product ranges available to purchase from Vision.

We have integrated three businesses into our organisation as we gear up to become the master global textiles brand.

Vision is currently the leading supplier and distributor of luxury, specialist and performance textiles to hospitality, retail and healthcare clients. Our global company already operates in six out of seven continents worldwide, but we have ambitions to further conquer the international market.

To achieve our ambitious growth plans, we have now successfully united Hilden Manufacturing Ltd, Liddell and Whitaker Services to be one company, which has been part of a wider, on-going and crucial operations project.

Laurie Thomas, MD of Vision, said: “We acquired these predominantly local businesses shortly after Vision’s inception in 2005, but have been working hard to grow these brands and integrate them seamlessly and firmly into our global operations. Now, they are all successfully integrated into the group and we are looking forward to moving ahead as one, united business.”

New, Enhanced Product Brands

But this isn’t the end of the road for these historic companies. Laurie continues: “We still wanted to hold onto these heritage rich names because they each have such huge recognition and hundreds of years of textiles manufacturing behind them. To honour this, Hilden, Liddell and Whitaker Services will now lend their names to our three core product brands, representing different product ranges targeted across multiple market sectors.”

In 2008, we bought Hilden and Liddell out of administration as the companies had struggled to move production overseas.

Laurie continues: “When we bought these businesses they were in desperate need of repair. First we concentrated on building these businesses to be successful in their own right, utilising Vision’s international network of sourcing and manufacturing partners. With such a vast history attached to their names, we didn’t want to integrate them straight away and lose this historic appeal – there were still so many prestigious customers and some great knowledge and expertise in each brand.”

“These brands are now where we want them to be and so integrating them fully into Vision’s operations was the next natural step.”

The Future is Bright for Vision

So, what does this mean for the future of Vision? Laurie says: “Uniting our brands in this way has allowed us to strengthen our core proposition in the marketplace and will pave the pathway to unprecedented growth. We aim to continue to build our overseas operations so integrating these brands was a necessary step to achieve our three year global growth plan.”

In the mean time, we want to reassure customers of Hilden, Liddell and Whitaker Services that not much is going to change for them.

Laurie finishes: “These brands have been part of Vision for many years and so have been using our global network of manufacturing and distribution partners for some time now. Our customers will still have the same account managers and receive the same great product. The only thing that will change in the interim will be that where they see Hilden, Liddell or Whitakers names they will now see Vision.”

“In the long run this move will allow us to offer more competitive pricing, an enhanced service, a wider product range and allow us to focus more on product innovation.”

We hope you are excited to start this new journey with us.