Back in October, Vision asked customers to send in photos of their travels around the world with our very own Victor Bear in tow in a brand new competition, ‘Where’s Victor?’

The competition saw people request a Victor Bear for their commercial enterprise and saw entrants take Victor around the world from Dubai to Paris, New York to Chile and followed our Victor as he got up to no good in and around their hotels, laundries and care homes.

The competition was an overriding success with hundreds of entries coming in, with Victor popping up in the most unusual of places.

After officially closing last week, the winners have now been revealed and will enjoy a £500 voucher to enjoy on a team night out or Christmas party of their choice.

The panel of esteemed Vision judges had an extremely tough time judging the competition due to the high calibre of entries and the sheer amount of fun, quirky and exciting Victor photos coming in however, after much deliberation, they managed to whittle it down to three very worthy winners…

Mary Curtin at Redfine BDL


The judges were so impressed with the effort that Mary put into creating her very own Victor Bear story complete with romantic relationship, wedding and culminating in a Victor Bear family.

They noted: “This was an absolutely fantastic effort by Mary and Redefine BDL. We looked forward to seeing her photos, week by week and she managed to keep us captivated throughout – always wanting to know how Victor and Victoria’s love story would develop.”

Kerry Adams at Doubletree by Hilton


After receiving her bear, Kerry wasted no time in introducing Victor to the staff at Doubletree by Hilton, the family pets and even invited the little bear to her own Christmas Day dinner.

The judges said: “It’s fantastic to see that Kerry got behind the fun of the Victor Bear competition. It takes a certain amount of dedication to invite him to Christmas Day lunch and we’re sure he certainly made a memorable guest on the big day!”

Liz Smith-Mills at Q Hotels


Liz and the team at Q Hotels certainly made the most of Victor’s presence at Q Hotels and even took him on a trip to Dubai where he rode on camels, visited the beach and, when back on UK soil, made a surprise appearance to BBC Breakfast.

The judges said: “We loved the pictures of Victor riding a camel in Dubai and we were very surprised to see him making friends in the Green Room at BBC Breakfast when Liz went on to talk about hotel cleaning tips. Though he didn’t grace our TV screens, it’s quite an achievement to know that our own little bear was rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous!”

A huge congratulations go out to all the winners of the Victor Bear competition and Vision would like to thank everyone who entered. Although this may be the end of the ‘Where’s Victor’ competition, Vision encourage customers and fans to keep sending in their photos of Victor which will be posted on the social media channels for all to enjoy.

For more on Victor’s travels, be sure to visit the Vision Twitter or Vision Facebook page.

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